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fabbit and SVVS partner to open Silicon Valley office

fabbit is the first Japanese company with a co-working workspace in both Silicon Valley and San Francisco. “fabbit” members can use offices in both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, providing the opportunity to take advantage of business opportunities throughout the region.

As a Global Gateway, fabbit is enhancing its support for startups aiming to become unicorns and expand their business globally, by connecting them with corporates both locally and internationally. 

SVVS together with its affiliate BootUP World is a leading global ecosystem focused on building strong, dynamic bridges between Silicon Valley and the world, helping startups,  corporates, universities, and countries grow through entrepreneurship and innovation. The SVVS/BootUP World ecosystem has been involved with over 125 companies that have raised more than $400 million in investments and are valued at over $4.5 billion. 

fabbit aims to develop its startup ecosystem, and by providing the unique acceleration and innovation programs offered by SVVS in addition to fabbit’s existing startup acceleration services, fabbit supports startups to grow and develop their businesses globally.  

Overview of Bootup World by fabbit
Address:            90 MIDDLEFIELD RD, MENLO PARK CA 940(Map
Business Hours:  9:00~18:00 (Weekday)
Established:        June 1, 2020
URL:                     https://www.bootupworld.com/
Email:                   info@fabbit.co.jp

We are happy to announce that we joined the Women Tech Global Conference initiative as a community partner!!

Unite 100 000 women in tech worldwide to come together (virtually) on June 10-12th to discuss things that matter. We will address topics like Remote Work, Tech Talks, Being Human, and Entrepreneurship.

To sign up for the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 use our link to join for FREE.

#WTGC 2020 will feature tech professionals, industry innovators, and more than 200 speakers, WomenTech Network Ambassadors & Leaders from around the world. Some of the speakers are the most accomplished women in tech, including technologists, scientists and leaders at Amazon, Facebook, Founder Institute, Google, Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter and many more.

The premier conference will give access to top names in the industry holding inspiring keynotes, engaging panels, technical workshops, and face-to-face networking sessions to learn through actionable advice, helping attendees cope with the aftermath of COVID-19 and excel in their tech careers.

We are looking forward to join WomenTech Global Conference with you- see you online on June 10th-12th!

PS- Participation is free for everyone. If you are interested in supporting, please check out the current Kickstarter Campaign.

Please apply here! https://www.womentech.net/women-tech-conference?join=MTEyNTY=

fabbit Co., Ltd. partners with NY-based startup ZeBrand Inc. fabbit to offer ZeBrand’s web branding automation service at a discounted rate

San Francisco, CA, May 1st – Startup support and coworking space operator fabbit Co., Ltd. agreed on Friday, May 1st, 2020 to partner with ZeBrand, Inc., a New York-based startup that offers a web branding automation service, “ZeBrand.”

With over 40,000 users around the world to date, ZeBrand is an innovative web automation service in which ZeBrand’s proprietary AI algorithm uses basic information about the company’s name, field, vision, mission, and core values to create customized branding elements, from basics like color and typography to presentation templates, brand guidelines, web site templates, and social media kits.

ZeBrand makes it easy for even startups and entrepreneurs to get started with branding.

ZeBrand Inc. logo

As a product of this partnership, users will be able to access ZeBrand at a discounted rate by registering through fabbit. Parties interested in or looking for assistance with branding should contact fabbit for further details

ZeBrand Inc.
Founder and CEO: Ryo Kikuchi
Headquarters: 142 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019 US
URL: https://zebranding.com/

fabbit Co., Ltd.
President and CEO: Yasunari Tanaka
Headquarters: Asahi Seimei Otemachi Bldg 3F, 2-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 JAPAN
URL: https://fabbit.co.jp/en/

[Press Release] fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco” opens as a bridge between Japanese startups and Silicon Valley

Startup support and coworking space provider fabbit Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yasunari Tanaka, hereinafter “fabbit”) has established a new facility, fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco,” at the doorstep of Silicon Valley. This first overseas “Global Gateway” opened its doors in January and celebrated the occasion with an opening ceremony on January 1st.

(Interior of fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco”)

fabbit supports startup companies and SMEs through the operation of coworking and rental office facilities, in accordance with the Japanese government’s “Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016” (now the “Future Investment Strategy 2018”). In addition to Asia locations in Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, fabbit has recently expanded to Hawaii. Including locations operated by capital partner Workbar, fabbit has 23 domestic and 22 overseas locations, with a total of nearly 6,600 members.

(Interior of fabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco”)

fabbit Global Gateway facilities are particularly targeted at startups aiming for global expansion. San Francisco is now the fourth Global Gateway, alongside those in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. fabbit’s expansion to the U.S. and specifically San Francisco, the epicenter of IT and business innovation, allows us to serve as an international bridge for Japanese startups and corporations entering the U.S. market and U.S. startups expanding to Asia.

Facility Namefabbit Global Gateway “San Francisco”
Location88 Kearny Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA

(Left: John V. Roos, Right: Bill Reichert)

For the opening ceremony held on 1/23, we invited Deputy Consul-General of Japan in San Francisco Tomoyuki Omura as guest speaker, former US Ambassador to Japan and Geodesic Capital Founding Partner John V. Roos for the keynote session, and Garage Technology Ventures Managing Director Bill Reichert to deliver greetings. Additionally, fabbit Ambassadors Stéphane Fouché and Rika Nakazawa and BootUP Ventures Founder and CEO Mukul Agarwal joined us for a panel discussion on the theme “How can fabbit contribute to the U.S. startup ecosystem?” moderated by fabbit Advisory Board Member Michimasa Naka.

(Panel discussion)

fabbit looks forward to continued expansion both domestically and internationally. We strive to support startups expanding into the global market, as well as those aiming to become unicorns, and with that mission provide events, networking opportunities, information, and business matching to strengthen the startup ecosystem.

(*) As of the end of September 2019. Figures are cumulative and subject to change.

Number of members includes fabbit, COMPASS, and group companies.

Number of locations includes those in design and construction phases, and Workbar, a group portfolio company.

[About fabbit Coworking & Rental Office Facilities]

fabbit supports startups, venture companies, and SMEs through the operation of 2016 coworking and rental office locations around the world, in accordance with the Japanese government’s Japan Revitalization Strategy 45. fabbit has grown to Japan’s largest coworking space operator, and in addition to providing workspace we make use of the unique inter-industry and inter-cultural interaction made possible by the coworking environment to offer a wide range of startup support programs.

We work to solve all of the various challenges facing startups, by hosting over 1,000 events each year including large-scale annual and thematic monthly conferences, creating ample networking opportunities, offering incubation meetings to discuss strategies for sales or recruitment, and investing through our joint fund with a major Japanese venture capital.

[About fabbit Co., Ltd.]

fabbit offers support to startup companies and operates coworking spaces. In addition to providing comfortable and conveniently located facilities, fabbit also offers members the chance to create new value through ample networking opportunities in our unique startup ecosystem.


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